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Ms. Cinzia Giommoni
 Avvocato Cinzia Giommoni dello Studio legale Scarabicchi ad Arezzo

Lawyer Cinzia Giommoni of the Scarabicchi law firm in Arezzo.

Born in Arezzo on February 06, 1958, she earned her degree at Liceo Classico Francesco Petrarca. Graduated with honours from University of Florence (LLB in Criminal Law - Crime against real estate with a thesis entitled “Fencing”, discussed with Prof. Ferrando Mantovani), she took the bar exam in 1990-1991 and she has been admitted to Arezzo Bar since December 1991.
Qualified at the defense among Supreme Courts since 2004, during her professional activity, Ms. Giommoni gained experience on Criminal, Substantive and Procedural Law. Debt collection, Civil and Family Law are other areas of interest.
From January 2011 to December 2014, she was a partner of the Criminal Chamber in Arezzo and also one of its Governing council’s members, having been a Treasurer advisor and a member of the Arezzo Bar Council. In addition, she lectured about bar examination preparation for trainee lawyer and she was a speaker on “Criminal case, trial judgement and special rites” topics in Arezzo. Cinzia Giommoni carries out domiciliation for several Law Firms in Florence, Milan and Rome.
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