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Scarabicchi Law Firm
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Debt collection
 Recupero crediti ed esecuzioni: studio legale di avvocati ad arezzo

Debt collection and executions of the Scarabicchi law firm in Arezzo

Credit management is a discipline increasingly identified as strategic by companies, necessary to operate and develop, and it is also an essential service to protect the interests of freelance professionals, artisans and private individuals.
Programming and implementation to recover the unpaid claim is essential not only to assess every business balance, but also to determine the significant tax implications relating to the credit losses detection. The presence of a debt recovery lawyer is necessary to ensure creditor in case of failed payment (e.g. the supply of goods and services, bills of exchange and cheques, debt acknowledgement) or failure of honouring legal obligations (e.g. the payment of service charges), but also in the event that the debtor should defer his debt for lack of liquidity. Scarabicchi Law Firm, currently providing a large network contacts, offers a highly professional service in the field of unfulfilled credit, both in the interests of private individuals and company.
Our legacy of quality and our commitment is to verify the debt’s solvency, occurring also the Data Bank at the Agenzia delle Entrate (bank or postal current account, ownership of real estate or car/ motor vehicle, wages and pension, credits towards the third parties); all this action plan in order to maximize the legal practice outcome.

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