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Medical liability
 Responsabilità medica e sanitaria: studio legale di avvocati ad Arezzo

Medical and health liability of the Scarabicchi law firm in Arezzo

Scarabicchi Law Firm has a solid background in medical responsibility which has seen the explosive growth of the medical malpractice cases in the past few years. There were many reasons that have contributed to this situation, also known as Medical Liability Crisis at in international level. These include a longer life expectancy, the technological development in the diagnostic and therapeutic process, the increase of curable disease, and last but not least, the patients’ protection organisation in raising awareness on human rights is also significant.
The Firm offers its clients assistance and advice in defence of both the patient and the doctor: as for the former, Scarabicchi team allows victims and their families to get the right solace for any injury suffered resulting from misdiagnosis and wrong execution, or because of the inefficiency of the Health System; as for the latter, the Firm obtains the medical-legal report in order to clarify if the damages suffered by the patient have been caused by the negligent behaviour of the doctor. Once obtained this report, the professionals will verify the connection between the patient’s damage and the work of the doctor.
The Scarabicchi Law Firm shall provide assistance both in and out of court, especially in healthcare and medical responsibility, in the area of hospital-acquired infections, deficiency or defects in the organization of hospice, the responsibility of the medical staff, informed consent, wrongful death, permanent macro-injuries and loss of recovery chances

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