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Scarabicchi Law Firm
Law Firm of Lawyers in Arezzo, Assistance for Individuals and Companies
Criminal law
Lo Studio Legale Scarabicchi ad Arezzo offre una qualificata tutela in materia penale, diritto penale

Criminal Law of the Scarabicchi law firm in Arezzo

Scarabicchi Law Firm provides a wide and qualified protection in criminal matters.
In this area, the Firm pleads individuals or legal entities as suspected or accused person, as a civil party in criminal proceedings and also as the party civilly liable for the actions of its defendants.
The Firm’s professionals deal with crimes committed to the pursuit of business, also in collaboration with economic and financial professionals in order to examine and treat technical tax aspects. In addition, they offer protection for offences against the family and the person, with special reference to cases of threats, stalking cases and also cases of sexual and gender-based violence. Mr. David Scarabicchi is specifically responsible for tax and customs crimes, bankrupt and counterfeiting offences and crimes against property. He is currently the legal counsel of defendants in bankruptcy proceedings with major media coverage throughout the national territory, such as the Banca Etruria Trial.

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