Scarabicchi Law Firm has a consolidate experience representing private and corporate clients in contracts. Identifying the appropriate model, the Firm’s professionals assist and support clients during every stage, from the pre-contractual negotiations with the counterpart to the implementation of the agreements.

After completing the due diligence, the next step is to carry out the analysis of the contractual forms and to provide an initial assessment, in order to meet the concerns in detail. As regards the corporate contracts, the Firm has also experience as a contact person for several local PMI that operate mainly in commercial and industrial fields.

Scarabicchi’s support includes the negotiation and definition of any kind of contract, aimed to trade agreements also at international level; the review and finalization of letters of intent, general terms and contract documents in support of the deals.

Because this field requires the assessment of interests between the parties (companies or private individuals), is necessary to understand the company’s needs, its specific features and prerogatives of business in order to identify the most suitable type of contract ensuring the maximum protection of the company.

Developing the typical and atypical contractual scheme, at national and international level; the purpose of Scarabicchi Law Firm is to achieve the best possible benefits with the lowest risk towards the clients.

Main areas of expertise

Main contracts of expertise:

  • Company law and contracts – shareholders’ agreements

  • Rental contract and company or branch transfer

  • Procurement contract

  • Sales contract

  • Delivery, subcontracting, leasing contract

  • Distribution contract

  • Agency contract

  • Real estate business

  • Lease and loan