Ms. Giulia Simona Meucci

Born in Arezzo on July 20, 1988, she earned her degree at Liceo Classico Francesco Petrarca. In April 2017 she graduated with honours from University of Siena (LLB in History of Medieval and Modern Law with a thesis entitled “The statue of Marciano della Chiana Council, 1572”, discussed with Prof. Paolo Luigi Nardi). 

During her thesis work she has dealt an unpublished transcript of two manuscripts, one is kept in the Historical Archives of Lucignano and the other in the State Archive of Florence, both of them dating from the end of the 16th century.

Ms. Meucci has done the law practice by the Scarabicchi Law Firm where she currently works. On January 3, 2019 she finished her legal stage at the Court in Arezzo, pursuant to article 73 of Legislative Decree/Law 98. She supported the magistrates in day-to-day activities, carrying out the practice at the Judge for Preliminary Inquiries’s office and also at Civil office.

Ms. Giulia Simona Meucci took the bar exam in 2018-2019 and she has been admitted to Arezzo Bar since January 17, 2020.

Main areas of expertise

Civil law - Obligations and contracts – Professional responsibility and personal injury